About Jen Scott




Jen Scott is a mixed-media artist living in New York


Jen hails the process of building, weathering, eroding and layering as important to a work's identity -- it creates a history that can be traced, investigated, and experienced.


Traditional painting techniques, mixed-media arrangements, and a unique brand of organic art highlight Jen's most popular works.  Inherently separate, yet inextricably related, each piece is a statement in itself and at the same time part of the larger idea. 


Warm colors coupled with smooth aesthetics subvert the qualities most important in Jen's work- contradiction, repression and resolve. 


Jen's life is as varied and contradicting as her artistic expression.  In the midst of a bustling, hectic suburbia is a quiet nature sanctuary.  In this sanctuary lives Jen.  When she's not tucked away in her dingy studio, Jen pretends to be a college professor and a yoga instructor.  Jen the Artist, Professor Jen, and Jen the Yogi are categorically unrelated.  Where one begins, another ends.  If these three people were to meet at an empty train station, they would ignore each other.   






Skinny Dress2.JPG




Jen's full portfolio is available on her non-mobile website.   Please visit JenScottArt.com from a regular computer to see more.










Horse 13b Version 2.jpg

Mobile Horse 13e.JPG

Mobile Horse 2d  Version 2.JPG

Mobile Horse 8b.JPG








Large Paintings

(4’ x 4’)



Fitting In 2a.jpg

Fitting in 3.JPG

Fitting in Detail (b).JPG

Mobile Takers 2.JPG

Mobile Taker detail (d).JPG






Tea Bag Clothing



Mobile Skinny Dress3.JPG

SHORT DRESS_0037.jpg







Jen Scott

Port Washington, NY



Ph. (516) 680 – 2450

email. Js4048@hotmail.com