It's been a while...
Organic Artists Being Shown in New York Galleries
Artist Jen Scott's New York City Art Gallery Tour
Holiday Gift Ideas from Artist Jen Scott
New Gallery Showings for Artist Jen Scott
Artist Jen Scott on her New York Organic Art Studio
Jen Scott, New York Organic Artist, etc.
Organic Artist Jen Scott
Jen Scott as an Abstract Artist in New York
New York Organic Artist - Jen Scott
Jen Scott - New York Organic Artist
Artist Jen Scott - Organic Art Blog
Organic Artist Jen Scott (me) in the New York Times
Jen Scott as a New York organic artist in November.
Forth Blog Entry for Artist Jen Scott ( )
Third Blog Entry for Artist Jen Scott ( )
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It's been a while...


Wow, so I basically forgot about this blog for the last four months or so, huh? I hope I didn’t loose any readership. In fact, I wonder if I even have any readership…

Apparently, these blogs are more about search engines than they are about regular, living people. I don’t fully understand that (or agree with it), but whatever.

I’ve been getting a lot done. My studio recently underwent a totally revamping and is now in perfect, shining order. I’m working in several new types of media. Without giving anything away, I think it’s safe to say that you’re going to like it.

I’m still paying close attention to organic media in my art, but I’m doing a lot more painting and will even be doing some sculpting soon.

Please send me a message through my contact page if you have any questions.

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Organic Artists Being Shown in New York Galleries




Contemporary organic art is gaining in popularity every day.  I get a host of periodicals (both digital and analogue) delivered weekly and each time, I seem to see more and more instances of artists working in my field.


I don’t think that is to say that there are more artists working in this field, but that they are starting to get more press.  It’s good news, too.


As a New York Organic Artist, specifically one who works in abstract themes, I, Jen Scott, declare a new national interest in organic art.  People are picking up on the subtle distinctions in texture and materials that have been glossed over for far too long.


My work with string and tile are part of this.



Artist Jen Scott Box Set 2b.JPG

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Artist Jen Scott's New York City Art Gallery Tour




As an artist, I’m compelled to visit my favorite galleries periodically.  Basically, I feel as though by supporting other artists (emotionally, not financially), I am supporting my own cause, too.  So it’s good for a few reasons. 


I walked around Chelsea for a few hours popping in and out of the usual haunts.  I saw a few thing that really caught my eye.  One thing was this artist that I recognized from when I was at the 2009 Biennale in Venice.  I actually don’t remember his name, but he works in string and other related media.  He creates these impressive artist installations that resemble molecules, trees and other tenuous things.  God, I wish  I remembered his name.  If you Google it, I’m sure you’ll find it pretty quickly.


I didn’t see a lot of organic art this time around.  I actually kind of like that, though; it makes me feel like what I’m doing is its own thing. 


I also handed out my card to a fair amount of people.  It’d be great if that turned into a New York City gallery showing. 

We’ll see. 


As usual, check out the website for updated photos, information, etc.: Jen Scott – New York Organic Artist.



6Box Piece 1d.JPG

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Holiday Gift Ideas from Artist Jen Scott





It’s the holiday season and tat means one thing:  I’m broke.  It’s not like I’ve already spent al my money on gifts, either.  I’m coming in to this thing broke. 


It doesn’t really get me down, though, because as an artists, specifically and organic artist, I’ve got plenty of resources at my disposal for crafting thoughtful, manageable gifts… usually.


I honestly haven’t got anything in mind just yet, but I’m not worried.  In the past, I’ve made people bowls out of old melted vinyl records, tables out of reclaimed driftwood, cards from everything in existence, etc..


It’s just nice to know that there are options.  It’s about time to get cracking, though.  I guess there’re less than twenty days to go, huh?  Yeah, time to start thinking seriously. 


I’ve updated some of the photos to, so check those out.  Also, the Etsy page has been getting some action; Jen Scott – New York Organic Artist.




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New Gallery Showings for Artist Jen Scott




Good news this week: I’ve been offered a couple of show for the coming year.  Nothing’s finalized yet, but the galleries that contacted me all seem pretty interesting (and interested).  Having an artist website has helps. 


At least one of the galleries has focused in the past on other New York organic artists, which is cool. 


Anyway, for obvious reasons, I’m not really free to give any specific details at this time, but I promise to as soon as the details are ironed out. 


For the time being: get excited to see Artist Jen Scott’s organic artwork displayed everywhere from out East on Long Island to the five boroughs of New York City.  Exciting stuff this time of year. 


I recently updated my Etsy page, so feel free to check out some new write-ups on some older material here.  And to check my website periodically for recent information on the coming shows: Jen Scott – New York Organic Artist.



Artist Jen Scott Cyties Diorama.JPG

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Artist Jen Scott on her New York Organic Art Studio





Hello, December.


It’s starting to get pretty cold out there, which is forcing me to spend more and more of my time indoors, and inevitably in my studio.  My main studio is probably seventy square feet… which is small.  Between all of the art supplies, tea bag dresses, horses, and a swath of organic materials that I’ve collected over the years, there’s just about enough room for one person to stand.


It might not sound ideal, but it’s worked for me so far and I don’t plan on changing it.  I do have another studio that is considerably larger, but I’m really not supposed to se it so much because of some shady circumstances.  Plus, it’s not inside my house, which is kind of a drag.


I used to rent a professional artist studio in Long Island City and one in New York, but I gave those up a while ago. They were nice, and I got to do a lot of good thinking during the trips back and forth, but I’m happier with a functional home studio.


I’m not sure if I ever posted this link (anyway, it’s too late now) but I was asked to point a link at it anyway.  It’s a notice about a lecture and a reception that I hosted at my last show… that’s currently over.  Anyway, here is the link:  Jen Scott – New York Organic Artist.


Also, be sure to check the latest additions to the website here.


As a special treat, I’m posting a semi-recent picture of my art studio.  Hope you enjoy it:





Artist Jen Scott Studio.JPG

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Jen Scott, New York Organic Artist, etc.






I’ve really been slacking on the blog front lately.  Bad news.  Anyway, I’m back and I’m going to get right on top it of every morning again.  I promised myself.


There have been a number of things that have been stealing my attention.  On of the more interesting of which is the possibility of my running an art gallery.  It’s a prett exciting prospect.  I would have full aesthetic control and would even be able to offer different types of classes. 


There are a number of potential classes that I’ve got written down, and I think they span a fairly wide gamut. 


At least one potential class focuses on organic art and modern art, and another on the lives and times of great New York artists.  There will be exhibitions of every order and guest speakers from many disciplines.  I am very excited. 


As for dcor, I’m thinking something abstract with lots of texture.  It’s all very TBD. 


In a few month’s time, you could be reading the blog of Jen Scott, gallery director.  Not bad.


As usual, I’ve updated my site images, so please check out again!




Artist Jen Scott Box Set 3b.JPG

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Organic Artist Jen Scott





So I’ve been slaking off a little bit. So what.  Sue me.


Actually, I’m a little bit upset about it.  Good news, though:  it’s looks like the blog effort is working.  Jen Scott’s personal artist website,, is increasing in rankings and traffic almost every day as more and more people visit.  Excellent.


After a while, I feel like I get too comfortable with the art where it is, which makes me look at it less.  To combat this, I periodically re-organize where my art is hanging.  I didn’t do anything too drastic this time around, but something caught my eye today and made me want to write about it.


One of the pieces that I switch is from my new Horses series.  I chose to use rough-sawn

wood for most of these pieces, which adds a considerable amount of texture to the work.

Where I decided to put these pieces gets hit with a very sideways morning light, which amplifies this textures.  It is amazing to see a piece that I’m so familiar with transformed by simply hanging it on an adjacent wall.


I’ve had this happen to me before- especially with some of my organic sculptures.  Their three dimensional qualities offer obvious reasons why the light would play with them. 


As usual, I’ve updated my website,., so continue to check it out whenever you can.




Artist Jen Scott Skinny Dress3.JPG

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Jen Scott as an Abstract Artist in New York





Ok, so the Jen Scott – New York Organic Artist blog effort continues.  I’ve missed a few days, but, all in all, I think that I’ve been doing pretty well. 


What I’d like to write about today is the line between abstract and representational art, specifically in the case of my paintings (my sculptures are another story, completely).  Some (if not most) of the artists that have heavily inspired my work are thoroughly abstract painters.  Mark Rothko is a perfect example of this.  As popular artists, all of his work was so uniformly abstract.  Another, Caravaggio, who helped the transitions from late mannerism to baroque, is about as representational as an artist can get.


Working as a modern artists in New York, I am exposed to a lot of art, both famous and otherwise.  Something I always ask myself is, “Who do I think inspired this artist?”  Recently, I began thinking about what people do answer if they asked the same question while viewing my art.  I’m not so sure that they would be able to tell.


Although I’d say the overwhelming majority of my work is abstract to its essence, mostly all of it has some vestige of representation.  Take my Horses series for example.  Clearly, there are elements of the paintings that represent the general forms of horses.  However, with the addition of string, tile, etc., the painting isn’t a portrait of a horse. 


This was just something I was thinking about.


By the way, I updated my main site again.  You can check it out here.

Artist Jen Scott Horse 11c.JPG

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New York Organic Artist - Jen Scott




Almost nobody calls me Jennifer Scott.  For as long as I can remember, I’ve been Jen Scott.  I wonder if that’s affected me in any great way.  I doubt it.


So thanks to my SEO efforts, my Google ranking has been steadily increasing of the past few weeks.  In fact, using this program, I can see generally where the people who visit my site are located.  It’s nice to know that people from all over the country are finding my art online without my directly contacting them at all.


It’s not surprising, though.  Organic art and abstract are has been seeing a distinct rise in popularity over the last few years.  I’ve been getting more and more requests for private pieces.  Also, I’ve been having more discussions with large gallery owners about large instillation pieces. 


I tent to shy away from installations because of their impartibility… but I’ve always had a lot of ideas on the subject. 


For now, I think I’m going to stick with the mixed media that I’m most comfortable.  String, tile, fabric, and so forth will dominate my next series. 


Someone just sent me a little blurb about my last show, “Cutaways and Counterpane,” that recently ended.  It’s strange to think that at any given moment somebody can be writing about you with your knowing.  Anyway, here is the link to that blurb.  

Artist Jen Scott Gallery Display.jpg

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Jen Scott - New York Organic Artist





Recently, a small article was written about a small gallery show I had.  The article was for a small website, but the reporter was very nice.  She was interested in the use of organic materials in the realm of modern art, particularly in New York artists.  Most of the images in that article have been repeated in this blog, though. 


Anyway, here is a link to the article mentioned: click here.


Ok, that’s all for now. 



Artist Jen Scott horse set 1b.JPG

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Artist Jen Scott - Organic Art Blog





So, I updates my Etsy account.  I haven’t uploaded any of my large, organic art, but some of my smaller tea bag art and tea bag clothing pieces have been uploaded.  Unfortunately, come of the pieces that I sold in New York galleries, I never had properly photographed.  That really annoys me.


But I’m happy with the images that I’ve entered.  Like I said the other day, I’m using Etsy as more of a promotional tool rather than a sales forum.  Anyway, here is the link to it:


As an artist living in a competitive area like New York, I think it’s important to use every available tool to market oneself. 


I’ve been contacting a lot of galleries in New York lately, especially galleries focusing on modern, abstract and organic art, and I’ve been getting a lot of positive responses.  I’ll update this blog as soon and I have a firm date on my next show.

Artist Jen Scott 6Box Piece 1d.JPG

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Organic Artist Jen Scott (me) in the New York Times




Recently, I found another article in the New York Times referencing my work.  I forgot that this article even existed.  It was about how the nature of art has changed over the last seventy years and about how some artists, myself (Jen Scott) included, and tending to use more organic materials.


It was actually a pretty flattering article.  I like how the author focused a little on the texture of my pieces and how she linked their abstract modern form to something a little more classic.  You can read the article here. 


I’ve been working to get more of my stuff catalogued and entered on to Etsy (, for those of you who are unfamiliar).  I’m not going to try and use that as a realistic forum for selling my art, but as a promotional tool, I think it’s valid. 


Here is another image of an organic piece that I was recently working on:

Artist Jen Scott Untitled.JPG

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Jen Scott as a New York organic artist in November.








Well, October’s gone forever.


Although there is some severe ambivalence about summer’s taking leave and winter more than half way here, as a New York organic artist, I probably welcome the change more than I shun it.


Living on a 216 acre nature preserve, I get an intimate view of the seasons’ slow change.  Over the years, I’ve noticed a few amazing things.  Obviously, the leaves change color and fall, but did you realize that most bark itself changes color?  Beyond that, most bark take on a texture more rough or crenulated.  This severely affects the way in which the natural night plays with the organic material. 


I try and mimic what I observe in my art.   The organic materials that I use, like fabric, rough sawn wood, bark, etc., come together in a largely unforeseen way.  Most of my pieces, because they use these organic materials set and change after they’re made.  Depending on the materials, sometimes the shrink slightly, or expand; whiter or harden.  Generally, the individual piece kinds of glues itself together. 


It looks like it’s gearing up to be a nice fall day.  I think I’m going to go out hunting for raw materials for an hour before it’s time to work. 


Oh, by the way, here is an article that as written for the New York Times that mentions some of my organic tea bag work. 


As usual, is constantly being updated, so keep checking back to see the newest images.

Artist Jen Scott Bits and Pieces, Folds and Creases.jpg

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Forth Blog Entry for Artist Jen Scott ( )






Happy Halloween, everyone! 


Living as an artist in New York has afforded me obvious opportunities.- the most obvious of which is an amazing access to world-class art.  From the classical masters to other modern organic artists, I am continually exposed to creative minds. 


If I had to whittle my interests down to two artists, I would be comfortable saying that no two have inspired me more than Mark Rothko and Caravaggio.  If you are unfamiliar with either great artist, you can do a simple Google image search to see their most popular works. 


It’s so important to my work to be always inspired.  My advice to you: if you have a passionate interest, go find others that share your interest and marvel at their work. 


For me, finding another New York organic artist to speak with, or simple observe, is a constant challenge.  It’s not that they’re hard to find, but that it constantly makes me re-think what it is that I’m working on.


For example:  I like using organic materials, organic texture, abstract symbolism, string, tiles, rough wood, tea bags, etc., while other artists focus on their own materials.  Seeing how artists use different techniques to sometimes say the same times is amazing.


I don’t know what I’m trying to say… it was a long night…  Please give Jen Scott some leeway.


Please visit regularly, because I am still adding pictures every day.  And here is a article about a my recent show.   I’ll write again tomorrow. 

Artist Jen Scott Skinny Dress2.JPG

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Third Blog Entry for Artist Jen Scott ( )






Ok, Artist Jen Scott Blog post number 3!  Woo!


If this article, I’m going to address a few questions that people often ask me.  Basically the questions are:  “Hey, what’s with the string?” and “Hey, what’s with the tiles?”


Honestly, for the string there is no one simple answer.  Generally I use the string in my paintings to signify something left undone, or thoughts in progress.  That’s why oftentimes you’ll find the string originating from the head-section of a fabric cut-out.


Few people know this, but my grandmother was an artist, too.  She was actually my chief inspiration growing up and is the reason that I’m an artist today.  In the 1950’s she molded, glazed and fired these tiles herself. 


A while back, when I was cleaning out my mother’s basement, I stumbled upon pounds and pounds of these gorgeous tiles.  They come in all colors and in many different shapes and textures.  By using the tiles, I am somewhat paying homage to my grandmother.  In a lot of ways, also, they are just perfect for my art.  I find that to be the most amazing part.  They are exactly my style.


I use the tiles in a hundred different ways, but lately (as you can see from my latest series) I have created what I call “bundles” but sandwiching some organic material in between two tiles and securing it with string.  In a lot of ways, this is done in the same vein as using the string alone, but adds another layer of complexity. 


Check out frequently, because I will be constantly putting more and new pictures up for viewing.  And as always, I enjoy being asked questions about my art.  You can contact me through the “contact” page of


Here is a great example of when I use string:

Artist Jen Scott Takers 2.JPG

Artist Jen Scott Taker detail (d).JPG

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Second Blog Entry for Artist Jen Scott ( )





Ok, this is the next official entry for  I guess it’s going well so far…


As an artist, it has always been appealing to me to use organic materials to construct.  Mostly was stands out to me is the color and texture of the materials, but in a lot of ways, the materials themselves carry a certain meaning.  I mean, if you’re using dried flowers as a medium, there’s clearly and intent, right?


For my newest pieces, I’ve been applying pigment to rough sawn wood, which adds a massive amount of texture.  When looking at the piece, you can see the exact path the saw blade took when forming the slab.  It’s pretty amazing; and it’s not mistake that it’s been displayed that way.  Jen Scott is always interested in stuff like that.  (Sorry about using the 1st person, but my research on Google ranking says that it is beneficial.  Anyway, I’ll try not to do it too much.  Jen Scott, Jen Scott, Jen Scott.  There.)


In the image that I’m going to attach to this blog entry, try to notice the texture of the art on the wood.  Also, how painting the surface seems to amplify this.  Also, the natural, unfinished boarder.  I’ve using this boarder technique before, but never has it looked so good.  I’m am particularly happy with this last series. 



Artist Jen Scott Horse 2d  Version 2.JPG

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First Blog Entry for Artist Jen Scott ( )





Thank you, everyone, for reading my very first blog entry.  I'm sort of new to this.  I guess I'd like to say that is really coming along.  As an artist, it’s great to have a near-complete database of my work.  Almost all images represent the work accurately as far as color and texture are concerned.  It’s an ongoing project to have catalogue everything, but it’ll all be done soon. 


There are a few more days left of my solo show, currently on exhibit at the Port Washington Public Library. 


This is one of the images from that show:

Artist Jen Scott Horse 13b Version 2.jpg

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